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Root Canal Surgery (Apicoectomy)

An Apicoectomy is a surgical root canal procedure whereby the tip (apex) of a tooth’s root is trimmed and removed.  Additionally, any abnormal tissue present around the apex is removed.  This tissue may be a cyst that has grown around a tooth root, or abnormal tissue related to persistent infection.

First, an evaluation and consultation is performed to ensure root canal surgery is necessary. The procedure will be explained in detail.  Any questions you may have are answered. The surgical appointment will then be made.

The first key to success with surgery (and conventional root canal therapy for that matter), is profound anesthesia. Both topical anesthetics and local anesthetics are used to get our patients numb and comfortable.  Patients are very pleasantly surprised that a surgical root canal is virtually painless. In fact, most patients have less discomfort after surgery than conventional root canal therapy. We pride ourselves on delivering the best care available anywhere.

With modern technology and advanced training, a very small incision is made. The tip of the root is visualized and any abnormal tissue is curetted (removed). If enough tissue is present, a biopsy may be submitted. The tip of the root is removed and a surgical                    filling material called ProRoot® is placed to seal the end of the tooth. This material is very bio-compatible and seals remarkably better than older materials. Dr. Crisp will then use the Waterlase Laser to sterilize the area.  Finally, a few stitches are placed.

Remarkably most patients are amazed at how uneventful the Apicoectomy truly is. It is normal to experience pain and swelling but most patients have mild discomfort that Advil will relieve. Many patients remark, “That was not a big deal at all.”  They also commonly state that it did not hurt one bit, and they are impressed with the level of expertise and sophistication of the procedure.


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